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A view of Montisola by the estern side of the lake.


The Iseo Lake is a place set among hills and mountains at the end of Val Camonica Valley, between the province of Brescia e Bergamo.
Having a walk near the lake banks, you can perceive the magic of ancient villages, bottles of perfumes a flavours from the kitchens of the local restaurants and taste the excellent wines of Franciacorta. It's a restless land made of dreams, castles and vineyards where are produced more than 120 labels.
At the centre of the lake there is Montisola, the biggest lake island of Italy, which ends up with the Sanctuary Madonna della Ceriola, at a high of 600 metres: it's a peculiar beauty forbidden to cars. Fishermen's villages are the same still today, they have been preserved through years by the today frenetic lifestyle.



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Tempio Capitolino, Brescia


Brescia with the Roman Foro, Unesco patrimony, The Santa Giulia Monastry with its museum, the Martinengo Palace which hosts a splendid museum and the Dome Square with the two Domes: the old one and the younger one. For not mentioning the Broletto and the Loggia Square with its Venetian art, the Pawns Palace and the Clock Tower  with the two “Crazy hour men”. And finally, victoria Square, recently remade.
Gardone Riviera is the adoptive bornplace of the famous poet and writer Gabriele D'Annunzio who, with an aquitect, built the Vittoriale, a monumental Italian city. It's a group of buildings, streets, theatres and rivers. It should remind his memorable life and the “adventure” of Italian people during WWI.



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Arena di Verona


Verona is the romantic setting of the love story between Romeo and Juliet. It's one of the best art cities in Italy and it offers visitors an unique experience with the Roman walls of porta Bosari and Porta Leoni, the Arena Theatre which welcomes shows and concerts every year.
Walking on Corso Mazzini with its unique boutiques yuou can reach  Piaza delle Erbe and Maffei Palace, the refined Pompei Palace, Piazza dei Signori, the Big Loggia, Barbieri Palace which is headquarter of the district. All this, but also the Grande Guardia, the Arsenal and theTeatro Nuovo. Verona not only offers culture, but also some fun for families: some kilometers far, using the motorway, in Peschiera there is one of the biggest fun park: Gardaland.



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Città alta, Bergamo


Bergamo, with its upper part of the city, is one of the finest example of Medieval Italian arquitecture. It's perfectly preserved. It's surrounded by the Venetian walls built up during their domination; but it offers many more examples of this art with the Region palace, Piazza Vecchiathe Dome, the Colleoni in Santa Maria Maggiore Chapel, Palazzo Nuovo and the Civic Tower.
The lower part of Bergamo hosts the prestigious Carrara Accademy, founded in 1796, which is headquarter of many exhibitions, and the gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art (GAMeC) with its international exhibitions, appreciated worldwide.



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Piazza del Duoma, Cremona


Cremona is a precious city of the Pianura Padana, where a famous luter as Stradivari was born. It has got the best lute school in the world and it offers the possibilityto visit magnific places such as the battistero, the Dome, the Torrazzo, the Unknown-soldiers Loggia, the San Michele and San Sigismondo Churches, the Ponchielli Theatre and the most recent Museum of the Violin.



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Palazzo Ducale, Mantova


Mantova is one of the main sites of the Renaissance thanks to Gonzaga family, who had been the mecenas of many artist such as Mantegna, author of the Bride and Groom room in Ducale Palace, the great Tea Palace, the San Sebastian Palace, many churches and cathedrals. Beyond all this, there is a wonderful natural setting: the city inside the Nturalistic park and seems to born from water.